8/01/2012 05:21:00 PM

Summer Events: Full Line-Up Announced for The Taste

Last year there was a lot of confusion around two big new events: The Taste and LA Food & Wine. Both are big weekend blowouts with many tastings, lots of booze, a lot of chefs, cooking demos and culinary personalities, but one took place in September and the other in October. And once you went to them, you realize how different they really were (for one, one event focuses solely on the LA culinary scene, the other brings in personalities from all over the country). We already gave you the rundown on LAFW this year. So what's in store for The Taste over Labor Day weekend?

Similar to last year, all of the events - primarily themed walk-around tastings - take place on the Paramount Studios lot, which is always lots of fun. The weekend kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 1, with Field to Fork, a daytime event featuring a lot of LA's biggest proponents of market-to-table fare, like Akasha, Cooks County and Craft. That night, it's Cocktail Confidential, which brings in places that have stellar bar programs along with great food. On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Flavors of LA, curated by Jonathan Gold and co-hosted by Evan Kleiman, is a global affair mixed with some great local food artisans (meaning: it's a larger and varied list of participants). That evening, it's Dinner & Drinks, featuring spots like Salt's Cure, Red O and Sunny Spot. And on Sunday, Sept. 3, the Labor Day Picnic takes place.

Tickets are reasonably priced at $50 per person per event (goes up to $65 after Aug. 5), but sadly the weekend passes are already sold out. Still, you can hit two or three of these for the price of one dinner at any of the participating restaurants. Summer blowout at bargain basement prices!


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