8/03/2012 04:14:00 PM

Sprinkles Launching Cupcake ATM This Saturday!

It's 1 AM and you need a cupcake fix, but Sprinkles is closed, what are you gonna do??? Instead of sitting on the curb, weeping and rocking back and forth until they open in the morning, now you've got options. This Saturday marks the debut of the new Cupcake ATM at the sweets slinger - you can now walk up, insert cash and get a cupcake (or four) at any time of day. The bakery restocks it day and night - other cities have already witnessed the glory that is a cupcake ATM, and it's not unusual to see people waiting in line to use it even when the actual store is open. If you want to drop by, the robotic cupcake dispensing starts at 11 AM!


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