8/21/2012 04:16:00 PM

Shake Shack Introduces Seasonal Strawberry Lemonade

It’s easy to go nuts on food at Shake Shack in Rittenhouse, but when you’re done tearing into that burger, hot dog or fries, your best friend is a long sip of a cool drink. A new option on the beverage menu is strawberry lemonade, and it does the thirst-quenching job in tasty style. The drink is made fresh in house, from the strawberry puree and daily-squeezed lemon juice to the touch of simple syrup that adds just enough sweetness. The refreshing result is both tart and - dare we say? - “berrylicious.” Look for other seasonal lemonade flavors to show up on the menu as fall weather rolls in. Pumpkin lemonade? “It’s not out of the question,” says manager Allan Ng, pondering. “Some autumn spices... it could work!”


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