8/02/2012 02:22:00 PM

Schmuck With a Truck: Food Truck of the Week

You can't miss the bright yellow Schmuck With a Truck, nor could you mistake anyone but owner Matthew Koven as the self-proclaimed "resident schmuck" - he's very proud of his schmuckiness - and as the face painted on the side of the truck. The New York transplant has a passion for pastrami, which came from working at his dad's Lower East Side deli in Manhattan. He wanted to open a truck in New York, but found the permitting too difficult (he also owned a Middle Eastern restaurant at one point). So he picked up the family and moved to the West Coast to open a rolling deli, which recently hit the streets of LA.

The menu items have cheeky names, but this is classic deli food - and definitely not kosher. You'll find things like The Fiddler on the Ruben (pastrami, Russian dressing and sauerkraut); the Lean Schmuck (oven-roasted turkey with avocado); the Oy Vey Wrap (roast beef, potato salad and American cheese); and the Schmuckwich (peanut butter and jelly with banana and dark chocolate). There are also knishes and lemonade, which apparently made a mark in New York. Koven's been catering to the office lunch crowd - find the truck at Yahoo in Santa Monica (2700 Pennsylvania) on Mondays and Fridays - and will be at a few upcoming events in San Pedro and Venice. To celebrate the launch, say "I love a schmuck!" when you order and get 20% off your bill. See, he's not such a schmuck after all. Follow the truck's whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook.


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