8/09/2012 04:32:00 PM

Roll'n Lobster: Food Truck of the Week

The idea of getting fried Ipswich clams, bellies and all, hot off a local food truck makes us giddy with delight. For anyone from or who's spent time in New England, it just screams summer. With the newish Roll'n Lobster roaming the streets of LA, our dreams have come true. Not only does the truck have lobster rolls, lobster Louie salads, bisque and even New England chowder, but it has those fried clams with fries, a seafood shack staple from Maine to Massachusetts.

This isn't the first truck to serve live Maine lobster (never frozen) in LA - we have the Lobsta Truck and Cousins Maine Lobster, too. But no one else is serving those clams, which aren't easy to find around town anyway (except for here). Started by a Boston expat empty-nester, who missed his East Coast favorites, Roll'n Lobster can be found at a lot of the food truck lots, including the new Beach Eats in Marina del Rey tonight. Follow the truck on Twitter and Facebook for more whereabouts.


  1. Is this a food blog or a used car dealership? You could have at least photographed one of their signature offerings.

  2. Lobster pie is a New England favorite! Made with fresh picked lobster meat and baked under bread crumbs and butter. A great addition to your next dinner party!