8/29/2012 03:23:00 PM

Raw Foodist Matthew Kenney Brings M.A.K.E to Santa Monica This Fall

Depending on your raw food leanings, you may or may not have heard of Matthew Kenney. He's a cookbook author, instructor and all around raw food guru, preaching the ways of cooking plant-based food no higher than 105 degrees. He has restaurants in Chicago and Oklahoma City, of all places, and the Matthew Kenney Academy, the nation's first classically structured living foods educational center, in OK. And this fall, he's bringing M.A.K.E. and a culinary school to the dining deck at Santa Monica Place.

The restaurant will offer lunch and dinner, dishes like heirloom tomato lasagna, kimchee dumplings, and sweet corn ravioli - just all vegan and raw. There will be biodynamic wines, organic beers and sake-tinis. There's also a 12-seat bar for more in-depth tasting menus. The adjacent education center will offer professional chef certification in raw foods, including hands-on work in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. And, sure, we have the beautiful bounty of our farms at hand, so that will be a huge focus. Eventually he'll add a marketplace and juice bar, making this a one-stop spot for all things raw and vegan. Fitting for the beachside city that boasts several other raw-food restaurants, juice bars and restaurants like True Food Kitchen, which is also at the mall and always packed with healthy eaters.


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