8/07/2012 07:07:00 PM

Pop-Up Shuffle: Le Comptoir, Starry Kitchen, Hart and the Hunter

Gary Menes moving Le Comptoir
A couple weeks ago we - as did everyone - received an f-bomb-laden goodbye from Nguyen Tran and Starry Kitchen, which closed at California Plaza. He promised it would make its return for a spell at Tiara Cafe Downtown (from Tran: "This is NOT a pop-up, we want to start and keep this mo'fo going indefinitely like... ummm.. a REAL business!"), and will open on August 16. What that means, however, is that Gary Menes (French Laundry, Palate, Marche) will be shutting down Le Comptoir, his popular impermanent restaurant on that he opened in the space last year. The last day will be August 11, and Menes Tweets that he hopes to pop-up at a new location by late September.

Kris Tominaga, who closed the wildly successful Wolf in Sheep's Clothing at Capri in June will not be doing another pop-up as he and business partner and co-chef, Brian Dunsmoor, thought. Instead, they'll open Hart and the Hunter at the Palihotel on Melrose Avenue later this month, according to Eater. AK Supperclub, which took over at Capri, is running smoothly for right now.


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