8/29/2012 11:22:00 AM

Pizza Brain Opens September 7 With a Free Party

Philadelphia may not have a pie style of our own like New York or Chicago, but our city is about to make a big splash on the pizza map. On Friday, September 7, Brian Dwyer will cut the ribbon on Pizza Brain, his one-of-a-kind Fishtown pizza museum and parlor, and he’s throwing a grand opening celebration to mark the occasion.

Head to Fishtown to gaze upon the Guinness World Record collection of pizza memorabilia (yes, it’s certified), while munching on slices of freshly baked pizza, enjoying spoonfuls of pizza-flavored Little Baby’s Ice Cream and sipping on beer courtesy of Barry’s Homebrew Outlet and Memphis Taproom. There will be live music, belly dancers and magic. If you think it all sounds a bit wacky, just wait ‘til you catch a glimpse of the Philly-and-pizza-themed mural out back. Who can refuse a pizza party? (5 PM; 2313 Frankford Ave.)


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