8/02/2012 07:10:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Carmela's Ice Cream Sandwich

It's a rule that you must eat and/or drink that which is being celebrated for whatever wacky holiday it is today. You didn't know that? So because it's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, here we have one of our favorites, a chocolate-espresso ice cream sandwich from Carmela. The cookie is light and crisp, the ice cream just perfect. You'll always find pre-made ones at the farmers markets where Carmela has a stand, but you can create your own combo at the Pasadena shop. That means a different sandwich every day time you visit.

If you want to celebrate elsewhere, you can find tasty 'wiches at Proof Bakery (like this one here), Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills, Fonuts and Coolhaus (of course), Milk and the classic Diddy Riese. But it's also International IPA Day, so save room for beer.


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