8/22/2012 10:00:00 AM

Opening Tonight: Shanghai Debuts in the Castro

Shanghai cooking is considered some of China’s most sophisticated cuisine, but here in San Francisco, it just doesn’t get much respect. Sure people wax rhapsodic over the juice-bursting soup dumpling at dives like Shanghai Dumpling House and Bund Shanghai Restaurant, but since the high-end Shanghai 1930 supper club closed a few years back there’s been a dearth of upscale Shanghainese restaurants in the Bay Area. That’s about to change with the arrival of Shanghai, the swanky new Chinese bistro in the Castro opening tonight in the former Mecca space. It’s the third restaurant attempt by building owner Francis Tsai since the Mecca heydays, so what’s gonna make this one work? We hooked up with the players involved to find out.


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