8/06/2012 12:00:00 PM

Opening Alert: Lolinda Ready to Debut in the Mission Next Week

Say hola to Lolinda, the highly anticipated Argentinean steakhouse and small-plates-restaurant coming to the ever-burgeoning Mission next week. Unlike your typical churrascaria, the nuevo wood-fired-grill-centric steakhouse will be influenced by the cuisine of Latin American, Spain and Argentina but will reflect California sensibilities (think whole-animal utilization, sustainable meats and smaller shareable portions), and given that it's the latest venture being brought forth by the Beretta and Starbelly team, expect to see plenty of fancy artisanal cocktails along with piscos, tequilas and Latin wines. Jim Zack, who designed the group’s Super Duper outposts in the FiDi and the Marina, has been charged with redesigning the bi-level behemoth restaurant and rooftop terrace that was formerly home to Medjool. The restaurant, which at one point went by the name of "Ciudad," will open to the public on August 13, with dinner to start.

Lolinda: 2522 Mission St, opening August 13 


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