8/07/2012 03:18:00 PM

Nicoletta Gets Painful Zero-Star Review From NY Times

Michael White has been expanding his empire at a rapid clip and he's been both a success with the public and the critics - until now. Pete Wells dropped by his new East Village joint Nicoletta and filed a painful zero-star review, saying the gut-busting pies have crusts that are "as strong as epoxy" and saying that the pizzas are "stiff and bland." Ouch. He goes on to rate the restaurant "fair" and says "on the whole, what is striking about Nicoletta is how little evidence it gives of Mr. White’s prodigious talent for cooking Italian food that can make you dizzy with pleasure."

There have been long waits for a table since the first day, but perhaps the joint is overhyped. In fact, the whole thing reminds us of Keith McNally's foray into pizza a couple years back, but he kept Pulino's packed by tweaking the formula. Can White do the same? Read the full review here.


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