8/13/2012 05:14:00 PM

New York's 8 Best Wine Bars

Bar Boulud
Whether it's 6 PM and you've just left a stressful day at the office or you're about to eat lunch on a lazy Sunday, it's always time for wine. The Big Apple is rife with bars that focus on the vino - from charming little joints that serve nibbles with your pour to large Italian restaurants with special electronic dispensers in the bar area. Check out the below slideshow to see which NYC wine bars you should frequent if you want to try the city's best. Since it's summer, we are going to opt for rosé  - sip on your glass, and let us know which wine bars you like best in the comments.


  1. Felice wine Bar is the best by far when it comes to wine selection and true italian cousine. One of my favorite spots in the city.

  2. Probably some of the most genuinely nice servers you will ever meet in New York. Went here for a nice glass of wine with a friend and sat outside. Great late weekday spot with enough traffic/people watching so that it's not boring, but not so much that it's distracting from conversation. The wine prices were totally reasonable for the high quality, and the staff instantly knew what I wanted from a brief description from me.

  3. The new wine bar Amelie on West 8th should be on this list

  4. Fairfax Virginia, Dolce Veloce!!!!! Best Wine Bar & Cicchetti !

    Truly a best kept secret!!