8/16/2012 09:18:00 AM

Maharlika Team Opening Family-Style Jeepney This Fall

Food from Maharalika
The team behind popular East Village Filipino restaurant Maharlika are gearing up to expand this fall with Jeepney, a new family-style eatery that is being touted as a "Filipino gastropub." Opening in September, the joint will also be located in the East Village and will dish out large-format plates meant to share (with value-driven prices to boot). The name comes from the flamboyant public taxis used int he Philippines - they are WWII era jitneys that have been stripped down and rebuilt. The owners have taken that as inspiration and promise that their menu will feature "Filipino food rebuilt." In the decor department you can expect a festive environment with some rustic galvanized steel. This country's food is way underrepresented in the Big Apple, so we're looking forward to this joint stepping it up.


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