8/06/2012 03:34:00 PM

Luckyrice Brought Lots of Pork and Heat to Helms Bakery

There was quite the turnout for the inaugural Luckyrice Asian Night Market at the Helms Bakery complex this weekend. The touring event - it started in New York but headed west for the first time this year - brought together some of the city's top chefs, including Susan Feniger, Bryant Ng and Sang Yoon among others, all serving really fantastic bites. It was intimate by most LA food event standards, but that's what made it work. Below, find a few things we gleaned from the night, plus a tasty slideshow of what was served.

1. Always get the VIP ticket. There weren't that many tables to hit, so those extra 30 minutes allow you to taste your way around the room before the hordes - and the line was looo-ooo-oong - enter.

2. Step 1: Grab plate of Jitlada's chicken curry. Step 2: Immediately grab a beer to your right. Chef Suthiporn “Tui” Sungkamee brings the heat no matter where he goes. Night + Market's Kris Yenbamroong also spiced things up with a catfish tamale and Thai sausage. Not for wimps.

3. Gin apparently makes a mighty fine base for cooling cocktails. We tested this theory many, many times.

4. Street's Susan Feniger and Kajsa Alger served this fantastic tatsutage tofu on a stick. And yes, you can find the recipe in their new cookbook, Street Food.

5. An event inside HD Buttercup takes window shopping to a whole new level. Not only did you have to walk through the entire warehouse-like store, ogling the $2500 chairs and $5000 sofas, to get to the party, but the entire lounge area was filled with tufted things to sit on. Outside by the restaurant tables was another story, where long lines criss-crossed so you didn't know if you were waiting for Jet Tila's bao or Bryant Ng's lamb bacon. Good thing they moved fast, and there was plenty of food to go around.

6. If he hasn't already, Sang Yoon should put the banh mi he served at the after party on the menu at Lukshon. Best late-night snack on a train (go new Metro Expo Line!) ever.


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