8/20/2012 10:28:00 AM

Longman & Eagle Fails Heath Inspection and Panic Does Not Ensue

It was announced over the weekend that Logan Square hot spot Longman & Eagle failed their health inspection. Chicagoist, helped ease our impending fear of doom and the loss of wild boar sloppy Joes, by explaining that the failure is more a tap on the wrist than a death sentence.

The inspection was a result of a complaint lodged against the establishment. The findings included overflowing garbage containers without a lock and chain, carrying an inadequate amount of sink stoppers and a cluttered basement. (Sounds as if we will be failing our health inspection too.) They will have until the re-inspection to correct the violations, and given the fact that they passed their previous inspection on February 21, a pass seems likely.

Think of these failed health inspection not as a giant red "F" plastered on the window of Longman & Eagle, but rather a warning to clean up their act before dangerous conditions put the heath of their customers in jeopardy.

Longman & Eagle is not alone in the time out corner; Roots Handmade Pizza failed their canvass inspection on August 6 because of the presence of fruit flies in the dish wash area, among other issues. Julius Meinl, Toast and Beauty Bar also failed recent inspections, but have since ratified the problems and were granted passing marks.

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  1. Longman has overflowing garbage cans almost daily. They need to increase the frequency of their pick-ups especially with the planned expansion.