8/03/2012 12:37:00 PM

Little Baby’s Ice Cream Opens Today

Nearly 15 months after we first told you about Pete Angevine, Jeffrey Ziga and Martin Brown’s concept for tricycle-powered, artisanal treats, today is opening day for Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s first permanent location. The art-deco Kensington storefront shares a home with what will soon be Pizza Brain - a pizza parlor and showcase for Brian Dwyer’s Guinness World Record holding collection of pizza memorabilia. The grand opening party, kicking off from 5-11 PM tonight, will feature live music, a magician, an assortment of food truck and free beer.

What can you find at the zany counter? Along with standards anyone would love, such as coffee toffee and mint cookie, ice cream flavors veer into the unexpected. Yesterday we had a chance to try a sample of the Maryland Barbecue, which combines Old Bay and BBQ sauce with a sweet cream base (not bad!), and there’s always crowd-favorite Earl Grey Sriracha. Scoops are available in cup or cone ($4-$7), and take-home pints go for $8. Ice cream sandwiches - many of them vegan - are $5 each, and $6 floats can be made with interesting soda options that include Virgil's root beer, tamarind Jarritos and Reed's ginger beer.

If you're looking for a shake, you have your choice of whole, soy, coconut or almond milk, an unusual variety that briefly flummoxed a young customer on our preview visit. In one more quirky touch, on a side wall is a “shower” music system, where a shower head speaker plays tunes whose volume and speed are controlled by faucet knobs. Ice cream is all about fun, and Little Baby's proves it.

Opening hours are 5-10 PM, Tuesday-Thursday; 5-11 PM, Friday; 2-11 PM, Saturday; and 2-10 PM Sunday. These will expand once Pizza Brain is open.

2311 Frankford Ave.; 215-694-9069


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