8/08/2012 02:51:00 PM

Liholiho Yacht Club Just Announced More Pop-Up Dinners at State Bird Provisions

Ravi Kapur and Stuart Brioza at last month's Liholiho Yacht Club pop up.
Ravi Kapur has just announced two more Sunday dates for his Liholiho Yacht Club pop-up, now taking place at State Bird Provisions on August 12 and August 19. If you’re interested in joining the club, we recommend that you click through for reservations ASAP as LYC mailing list members already got dibs on the dates 24 hours ago. (Hey, membership has its privileges.) To reserve, go to the State Bird website and click on the “reservations” tab at the bottom of the right hand corner.

In addition, LYC is doing an a la carte pop-up at Mission Bowling Club on Monday August 20 at 6 PM. Unlike the usual prix fixe dinners, Kapur will be offering an a la carte pupu-style menu, complimented by tropical cocktails prepared by guest bartender Kevin Diedrich of Jaspers Corner Tap. Drinks, food and bowling will all be priced separately. For the Mission Bowling Club event, reservations can be made at the MSC website.



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