8/28/2012 05:29:00 PM

LA's 5 Best Vietnamese Restaurants

With large enclaves of Vietnamese-Americans centered around San Gabriel Valley and Orange County, we have our fair share of fantastic Vietnamese restaurants all over LA. The food - fresh herbs, crisp vegetables, lean proteins, light sauces - is equally addictive during heat waves (banh mi, banh mi, banh mi) and cold spells (thank you, giant bowl of pho), whether from a small little hole in the wall or a contemporary haute spot. Here are the top five rated restaurants from the Zagat survey, and we're going out on a bean sprout here, but Number 1 may cause a stir. Have a favorite? Do let us know in comments.


  1. with the exception of golden deli, none of these restaurants are particularly "authentic" and they merely cater to boring white people.

  2. pho 87 has a phenomenal broth. but don't go there, because i don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of zagat reading turds while i slurp down my noodles and tripe.

  3. With this list, the author demonstrates very little (if any) understanding of Vietnamese food. Except for Golden Deli, the other four are Vietnamese fusion type restaurants that belong in a separate category.