8/31/2012 05:58:00 PM

Labor Day Weekend Primer: BBQ, Summer Cocktails, Rooftops and More

Get High in Venice
It feels like summer just unofficially officially arrived (Memorial Day), and here we are at the unofficial end (Labor Day). You're probably high-tailing it out of work early today, maybe hitting the road for a little vacay or just kicking it at home to enjoy a fairly empty city. While there's plenty to do over the three-day break, we know you don't really want to lift a finger. Here are a few more tasty lazy-day ideas to enjoy the dog days of summer.

1. Dine alfresco in a lovely garden or on a rooftop. We won't have these perfect sunny days forever. Oh, who are we kidding...yes we will.

2. Indulge in plenty of bbq with extra cornbread, greens, and mac and cheese.

3. Sip summer cocktails while you can, and especially those made with peaches, because they're everywhere right now (and won't be for long).

4. Should you crave a burger but don't feel like grilling it yourself, we've got you covered. Sausages, too.

5. Need something sweet for a picnic? These top five bakeries have everything - pies, cakes, cookies and plenty of cupcakes.


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