8/28/2012 09:18:00 AM

Kilo Wine Bar Latest to Debut in Hell's Kitchen

The strip of Ninth Avenue that runs through Hell's Kitchen might as well be called "wine bar alley." Another smallish vino den has opened near 56th Street, joining haunts like Kashkaval, Medi, Bricola and Casellula that pack them in every night. This one is dubbed Kilo - and don't get any ideas - the only substances they serve are on an affordable list of reds and whites. The single-room eatery is tiny, there's a small bar where you can camp out and talk to the tender or a slew of tables if you're looking to have a quiet conversation with your pals.

There is a menu of nibbles that is meant to be shared - although the plates may be small the selection is not. Of course there is a variety of cheese served alongside standard bites like crostini and olives. More interesting options include crab meat bolognese and ceviche tacos with roasted pepper salsa (check out the full menu below the jump). Can Hell's Kitchen support another wine bar? The good thing about this one is that the crowds have yet to discover it, so if nearby Kashkaval is too crowded, it's a fitting alternative (212-707-8770).


  1. Great place, very good food, the stuff is super friendly, and they have great wine selection.

  2. Yes, these guys are great, wonderful wine selection, wonderful food, and incredible service. I live in Bed Stuy but i'll go out of my way to go again ten times.