8/24/2012 03:04:00 PM

Hottest Burgers in DC Metro Area

Mintwood Place
By Olga Boikess
Burgers are quintessential American fare. Big juicy patties, piled high with toppings, are universal faves. Now, as Labor Day approaches, backyard grillers are readying their game plan for the holiday’s traditional burger cookouts. Check out our slideshow of some of the hottest restaurant versions for inspiration, or simply head over to try one.


  1. You have made a very serious omission! BGR is universally acclaimed as among the best. It offers big, top-quality aged beef, but also offers a number of options such as tuna or lamb. Located on Connecticut near DuPont.

  2. Red Derby in Columbia Heights needs to be on this list. Actually, nevermind. I'd like to keep it for myself.

  3. Thunder Burger in Georgetown should definitely be on this list - Kobe beef, grass fed - and what about Wild Wednesdays exotic varieties on a bun?

    1. I completely agree. Thunder Burger has the best burgers in town!

  4. They left A LOT of spots off this list. BGR (Dupont Circle), Bourbon (Adams Morgan) and Matchbox (Barracks Row/Chinatown/Bethesda) all have awesome burgers.

    Central had decent turkey burgers when they first opened. Not sure about now tho...

    Good Stuff ain't what it used to be, but folks love Chef Spike. The burgers are just OK now and they shrink with every visit. I won't be going back, unless it's for a shake (marshmallow or strawberry).

  5. PS 7's offers fantastic burgers too! they also mix things up by offering a fresh seasonal side instead of the standard fries. Their breakfast burger is worth the trip!

  6. ..And add Relic in Bethesda to the list. They salt/age the beef in house, and it is fantastic. The decor will give you a good chuckle while you are eating.