8/07/2012 12:17:00 PM

Fort Greene's Prospect Making Walls Out Of Coney Island's Boardwalk

There's boardwalk on that there wall...
Repurposed wood is all over NYC restaurants these days, but it usually comes from a barn or some sort of old building upstate. Prospect, scheduled to open in Fort Greene this August, is keeping things super local with their recycled goods. The New-American eatery is constructing a wall made from the Coney Island boardwalk - which should go well with the early 20th century photos that will be on display. And yes, the wood was washed before they stuck onto the wall.

Though the eatery is taking design elements from the boardwalk, they'll be dishing out a lot more than hot dogs. The 46 seat restaurant will use ingredients from local rooftop farms to create a menu like pork jowl with black garlic, baby leaks and golden carrots. While there won't be a sideshow, there will be a chefs tasting menu, which will range from $35 to $80 depending on the offerings. The joint is scheduled to open in August, keep your eyes peeled here for updates (773 Fulton St., Brooklyn).


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