8/01/2012 05:22:00 PM

Food Film Festival Returns to NYC

Usually, eating in a movie theater isn't too thrilling, since we're typically the one behind the guy with the way pungent street cart food. Well, it's not like that all at the Food Film Fest, which is returning to NYC on October 18-21. During the short films that are shown at this weekend-long event, the organizers bring out tastings of the dishes you see on the screen. Today, the lineup of flicks was announced, and it provides some hints about what you might get to taste when you're in the darkened theater. There's a documentary about Bark Hot Dogs, a flick dubbed Ramen Dreams about a noodle shop in Tokyo and a one minute ditty dubbed The Benevolent Butcher: Bacon. See the full lineup and get details about festival here.


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