8/09/2012 04:11:00 PM

First Look: The Bowery Kitchen, Now Serving Italian in NoLiTa

The restaurant scene on The Bowery north of Houston has been bustling for a while, just look at DBGB, Saxon & Parole, The Wren, etc. Once you head Downtown the pickings are more slim, but that is changing with openings like The Bowery Kitchen, which is now serving Italian-inspired cuisine in a sleek space at the budget friendly Bowery House Hotel. The new eatery opens its doors every day at 7 AM - although the full menu is available from morning 'til night, we're thinking that folks dropping by at this hour will like to chow down on the breakfast options and Italian espresso from Caffe Bristot.

Once evening starts to fall, you can sip a custom made Bowery Brew (a Kolsh-style lable that's made in Westchester) and hit some of the pastas, which are totally inexpensive for the area. There's a ravioli with spinach, mortadella and potato for $13 or a gnocchi with fresh pear and walnuts for the same price. The Kitchen is now open at 220 Bowery, you can get more info at their website here (212-837-2370).


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