8/22/2012 01:38:00 PM

Fall Foreshadowing: Nellcôte Developing Custom Cider

That's a mighty fine cider press you have there
Signs of fall: leaves start to change colors, a chill enters the air, restaurants start to develop custom cider labels - OK, that last one might not be so typical, but that's just what West Loop New American Nellcôte is doing in prep for the period after Labor Day. Beer director Stephanie Wheeler is working with Vander Mill Ciders to cook up an exclusive label that will debut on September 5. The restaurant usually features a cider on tap and decided to collaborate when they weren't able to find enough interesting labels to pour.

The new custom option will be made in Spring Lakes, Michigan and if all goes well, it might be the beginning of a trend. Check out an interview with Wheeler on RIA's blog to see what else is in store.

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  1. Actually you aren't looking at the press at all. What you are seeing is a bin dumper, the apple washer, and the elevator to the grinder.