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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, August 24-26

The bad news: only one more weekend before Labor Day. The good news: it’s slated to be absolutely gorgeous, with temps in the 80s, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. Take advantage with light bites, a salsa-making lesson, an anniversary shindig and more (perhaps even a trip up to Queens).

Eat This

Burrata Caprese at In Riva
A few weeks back, Art Cavalliere and crew officially launched the outdoor patio at this East Falls Italian, christening it Bar Fiume. Now that the weather is cool enough to enjoy soaking up some sun, it’s the perfect chance to sit on the deck overlooking Schuylkill and enjoy the burrata caprese. Imported from Italy, the cheese is intensely milky and flavorful, and when you pop a bite in your mouth with one of the hand-peeled cherry tomatoes, the swirl of textures and tastes is truly top notch. Riviera? Who needs it, we’ve got In Riva on Kelly Drive (215-438-4848).

Country Ham Plate at Percy Street Barbecue
After launching with strictly Texas-style BBQ, chef/owner Erin O’Shea has been slowly working her expanded Southern food expertise into the menu at this South Street Cook + Solo spot. A prime example is the country ham plate, which features a rotating selection of artisanal ham, served with fluffy biscuits and housemade green tomato preserves. It’s a lighter option than some of the other plates at the ‘cue joint, well-suited to a summery weekend eve (215-625-8510).

Do This

Salsa Making Lesson at PHS Pop UP Garden
Wondering what to make with the bounty of tomatoes popping up in your back yard, or the bags of heirloom beauties you couldn’t resist picking up at the market? Take a lunch break at the PHS pop up garden in Rittenhouse, where Chipotle chefs will be giving lessons on how to make fresh salsa. The presentations will go down every 20 minutes or so from 11 AM-2 PM on Friday, and you’ll be rewarded with free samples of the result, with chips to go along. The Little Baby’s Ice Cream trike will also be on site, if you want to buy a scoop to complete your meal.

Bar Ferdinand Sixth Anniversary Party
When Owen Kamihira first opened Bar Ferdinand, Northern Liberties was just starting to come into its own as a destination neighborhood. Six years later it’s one of the hippest spots for food and drink, and the Spanish tapas house is going stronger than ever, having just snagged David Ansill as chef. On Saturday, the bar celebrates its sixth anniversary with a day-long party featuring a roasted pig, a huge pan of paella and live flamenco performances. Festivities start at 11 AM and continue until close, with free bites of paella at midnight. Everything else is pay as you go (215-923-1313).

Read This

The World Comes to Queens
Though there’s no real need to leave Philly for great eats, you might be aware of the hipness that is the dining scene in Brooklyn. Well, there’s more to our neighbor to the north than Park Slope and Williamsburg, finds Craig LaBan. The Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic takes his family on a culinary adventure through Queens, where instead of trendy hotspots, you can find a variety of styles and cultures of food. Not a bad read if you're looking for something new the next time you’re in NYC.

Lawyers From Suits Against Big Tobacco Target Food Makers
What sweetens pomegranate Greek-style Chobani yogurt? According to the label, it’s the healthy sounding “evaporated cane juice,” which is, of course, just another way of saying sugar. Tricks like this and exaggerated claims that products are “natural” or good for you have lawyers aggressively pursuing lawsuits against a slew of manufacturers, from PepsiCo to General Mills. It’s the same group of lawyers that made big bucks from the tobacco settlements, however, so there could be monetary motivations. New York Times reporter Stephanie Strom takes a look at the situation.


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