8/03/2012 02:30:00 PM

DUMBO's Governor Gives "Box it Up To Go" New Meaning

A hand-made menu box! 
Last night, we checked out DUMBO's new restaurant Governor, which is named after Robert Gair (the spot's moniker was his nickname). He was an inventor and paper bag maker who thought up corrugated cardboard back in the 1870s, and the eatery has a lot of fun with this theme. Gair's mug is plastered all over the place, of course playfully painted to be fun for today's audiences, and corrugated cardboard shows up in the wallpaper of the bathroom and other design elements.

Our favorite homage to Gair had to be the menu. When we flipped it over, we noticed a little dotted line with a scissor printed on it, instructing us to cut. There were also fold lines - we got snipping and followed the instructions and voila- we had our very own cardboard box! Yeah, the food by former Noma chef Bradford McDonald totally rocked, but we think it's this cheeky to-go box that would make The Governor proud.

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  1. We just visited Governor in DUMBO and completely missed the cardboard references. All we know is that our meal was nothing short of extraordinary and this place is a must-try. Whether you go for the food or stay for the atmosphere, you won't be disappointed.