8/17/2012 03:57:00 PM

Drink This: City Tavern's Sherry Cobbler

It's almost the weekend, and you know what that means - drink time! We're going to start cluing you in to some special cocktails around town, because do you really do anything at the office on Friday afternoon other than plan your drinking strategy? Didn't think so. A while back we told you about City Tavern, a watering hole inspired by the Eighteenth Century. Thankfully this joint didn't take the theme too far - they have running water and an innovative beverage program that was inspired by the classics while still making use of modern trends.

This weekend we're going to reach for their Sherry cobbler for two reasons. 1. Because it uses a sherry base, which is pretty rare in iced beverages these days and 2. because it is chock-full-of fresh, muddled fruit. In addition to the sherry, there's also some pineapple syrup and a float of champagne. Yeah, it's not quite 5 PM yet, but it's Friday - no one's gonna judge if you sneak out a little early.


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