8/15/2012 04:16:00 PM

Dassara Now Serving "Brooklyn Ramen" in Carroll Gardens

Deli ramen; Photo: Jacqueline Wasilczyk
The materials promoting Brooklyn's newest ramen joint Dassara leave us asking a question: "what the heck is Brooklyn ramen?" Apparently it's a mish-mash of styles, with traditional offerings complemented by wacky dishes like deli ramen, which features matzoh balls and Canadian-style smoked meat. The brothy bowls of soup will be served with cocktails (also a must in a "Brooklyn ramen" joint) - they were created by Alchemy Consulting and will be based around sake and sochu. Think drinks like the Kuromatso Grapefruit Spritzer - a mix of sake, chartreuse and grapefruit with some Lillet Rose thrown in for good measure. For those that prefer their booze neat, there's also a $5 "line cook" special - a small shot of Jameson along with a tumbler of Sixpoint crisp.

The 55-seat space spans across two rooms that are decorated with reclaimed wood, a sake bottle chandelier and a neon bowl of noodles. There's also a bar area that seats 15 and an outdoor patio is in the works for spring (271 Smith Street).


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