8/22/2012 11:21:00 AM

Cotton Candy Grapes Now Available in Philly

Cotton candy might be the least nutritious snack out there - it’s just flavored sugar, after all - but what if there was a way to enjoy the fun flavor and actually feel good about what you were eating? Thanks to some intrepid grape farmers in California, now you can. Cotton Candy® Grapes (yes, this fruit has a registered trademark) are a new varietal, available in Philly for the first time thanks to produce wholesalers T.M. Kovacevich.

It took 10 years to breed the new grape, which started as a variety of the Lambrusco strain and was honed for flavor as well as seedlessness, crisp texture and thin skins. Was the decade-long project worth it? Judging from our taste of the sample we received, yes. The name is no joke - these wholesome little bites have the exact flavor of cotton candy, and as you bite down and break the skin, you might be transported back to a circus or fairground visit of your childhood.

The juicy finish and healthy attributes of the snack are just added bonuses, making Cotton Candies perfect for a midday lift or a school lunch addition. Find them now at Di Bruno Bros., Max’s Produce and Rittenhouse Market in Rittenhouse; Iovine’s Produce at Reading Terminal Market; Feder’s Fresh Market in Fairmount; Gentile’s Market and Tanner Brothers in the ‘burbs; and B.F. Mazzeo Produce, Delicious Orchards, Nature’s Reward Farm Market and Sickles Market in New Jersey.


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