8/27/2012 06:45:00 PM

Coming Soon: Umami Hitting Old Town Pasadena This Fall

Speaking of burgers and Umami, the burger behemoth's next location is smack dab in Old Town Pasadena next to Intelligentsia. Parking itself next to Intelligentsia is an intelligent move: Both are strong brands with devoted clientele, they're more compatible than competition, and the tattooed (hipsters) and uninked (tourists and typical Pasadeans) are equally welcome.

Adam Fleischman and Co. took over the Naga Naga Ramen noodle house on Colorado, which seemed to have a bit more success than anything else that's been there in the last few years (and there have been many attempts), but this will surely be more popular. The space will have a sleek, minimalist look, said to be inspired by the Apple store across the street, and the menu will have similar offerings of other locations. Fleischman told us it was 30 or 60 days out when we saw him at Los Angeles Food & Wine a few weeks ago, so it should open soon. No word yet on the exclusive Pasadena burger, but we can start take guesses now (49 E. Colorado Blvd.).


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