8/28/2012 07:27:00 PM

Coming Soon: SugarFish Beverly Hills

The master and his goods
Well, 90210. You're getting some new sushi. SugarFISH, Kazunori Nozawa's easier-on-the-wallet offshoot, has dibs on the former Madam Chocolat space, according to Eater. There have been a few failed efforts at sushi right in the Golden Triangle. A few blocks away, Luckyfish tried conveyor sushi on Canon Drive, and Tiger Sushi lasted in the same space for about a year after it. Others are popular nearby - people love Sushi Sushi on South Beverly Drive, Gacomino Drago recently opened Yojisan on North Beverly, and of course there's Matsuhisa and Urasawa for the other end of the spectrum - but accessible and affordable good sushi just hasn't had much luck on Canon.

That may change. While Nozawa closed his original Studio City restaurant a few months ago, the SugarFISH chain continues to grow and do well pretty much wherever it lands. This makes the six location, with more in the works.


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