8/23/2012 03:30:00 PM

Coming Soon: Smoke Readies to Billow on Melrose

Smoke's smokin' grill/Daily Dish
The roster of restaurants continues to grow for that space on Melrose that was last Artichoke Heart and Murano before that. Daily Dish alerts us that a new steakhouse called Smoke is set to open in the West Hollywood nabe on Labor Day. Smoke isn't exactly a steakhouse, according to owners Justin Safier and Travis Lester, who also own Brick + Mortar in Santa Monica. It's more a reflection on the kind of food that will come off that Santa Maria-style wood-burning grill. "We are going to attempt to finish a lot of our dishes on the grill ... steaks, vegetables, fish, so that everything has that mesquite flavor," says Safier.

The space will have waterfalls, a Jonas Never mural, black and grey velvet wallpaper, and granite-topped tables. But while Safier and Lester say this will be a "higher-end concept" for them, there will still be DJs four or five nights a week. So there's that. Smoke is located at 9010 Melrose Avenue, with Sept. 3 as a target opening date.


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