8/20/2012 04:15:00 PM

Coming Soon: The Scot-Centric Morrison to Atwater

Charles Lew and Co., who own the growing Stout beer-and-burger chainlet and have plans for a seafood gastropub in the works, have staked claim to the former Kuma Sushi spot in Atwater Village and plan to open The Morrison sometime this year. Designed by Spacecraft (shocking), it's a Scottish-themed gastropub in honor Lew's childhood. "It's a culture very rich in tradition and possessing of some incredible culinary fare," he says. "Look for a modern interpretation of some true Highland kitchen favorites in an atmosphere that tastefully blends tradition with modern day comforts." So we're guessing no haggis.

It's kind of a bold move with the historic Tam O'Shanter just a hop and a skip away, although the Stout clientele is a lot less dusty than the Tam's. Still, the Atwater Village nabe is practically bursting at the seams with new beer joints, bakeries and cafes, and everyone's flocking to them. Is it getting too cool now?


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