8/07/2012 01:19:00 PM

Coffee Wars: Verve and Caffe Luxxe Opening Roasting Facilities

Since it opened its first coffeehouse in 2006, Caffe Luxxe has expanded to three locations (two in Santa Monica, one in Brentwood), with a fourth planned. But before that, owners Gary Chau and Mark Wain will open a roasting facility in the South Bay next month. Luxxe, which was one of the first on the scene to bring this level of coffee to the LA are (it was a few years before Intelligentsia), has become known for its Italian-style espresso - rich, thick and dark with subtle chocolate and caramel notes. Chau says that with the new facility, they'll roast their traditional espresso blend, but also seasonal single-origin beans for wholesale and retail. That means those of us east of the 405ers who like Luxxe's coffee will be able to find it over here, too.

On the other side of town, Verve is set to open a roasting facility Downtown. This would be the second roaster for the Arts District - locally owned Handsome Coffee Roasters opened on Mateo earlier this year - and the first in SoCal for the Santa Cruz-based company. The plan isn't to sell retail at the facility, which will be located in District Millworks, a woodshop and furniture studio, but simply to roast and provide a training and cupping lab [via Eater].

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  1. That's awesome! About time Verve got down here. We're waiting...