8/16/2012 01:58:00 PM

Cod Squad Adds to Food-Truck Feeding Frenzy

Captain Marden's "Cod Squad" seafood truck hits the road.
If you’re hankering for fish ’n’ chips, a lobster roll like none other or fresh seafood dishes, you’ll find it on the Cod Squad truck - one of the latest food truck installments to hit MetroWest (Boston’s western ‘burbs).

Cod Squad delivers fresh seafood specials straight from Captain Marden’s Seafoods, a fourth-generation purveyor of fresh fish and seafood. Captain Marden’s has a Wellesley restaurant, Captain's Table & Takeaway, and the business has been supplying fresh seafood to Boston chefs for decades.

The Cod Squad menu features daily specials from the Captain's Table as well as small-portion bites, such as a mini-lobster roll. Prices run between $1.95 (per shrimp) up to $18 for a local green salad with fresh lobster meat.

The Cod Squad is a friendship and business partnership between Terry Beal and Keith “Kim” Marden Jr., who met in college. “It’s a happy truck,” says Beal. “People love the [food truck] culture. It’s a new way of dining, of connecting.” Wherever the truck is parked in MetroWest, picnic tables are set up, says Beal.

Captain Marden's Cod Squad truck is parked in the Captain Marden’s parking lot (279 Linden Street) in Wellesley, on Sundays, 3-7 PM, and roams to other spots - Boston, other Wellesley locales, Needham and Natick - on other days. You can follow the Cod Squad on Twitter @codsquadtruck or via Facebook, or call 617-921-9322.


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