8/31/2012 02:47:00 PM

Closures: Abbot Kinney Loses Lilly's, Black Hogg Temporarily Shuttered

Yo! Venice brings it to our attention that after 13 years of serving quiche and moules frites on Abbot Kinney, tonight's service will be the last for Lilly's French Cafe. The announcement came via Facebook: "It is not a sad thing after all as we know he [chef Francis Bey] is ready for some new adventures! If you want to enjoy a last meal at Lilly's, hurry up, all the team is waiting to say Au revoir... This is THE END!" Along with Jin Patisserie's impending move from its current location due to increased rents, does this mean Abbot Kinney has become too big and too expensive? Doesn't bode well.

On the other side of town, one of our top newcomers of the year so far, Black Hogg, has temporarily shuttered to make way for its incoming beer and wine license. The Silver Lake spot will be closed for a few weeks for "renovations." This we can deal with only because chef Eric Park's food needs a good beer or wine to go with it. [via LAist]


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