8/02/2012 09:11:00 AM

Chicago's Aviary Cracks Down On Metal Straw Thieves

Drinks at The Aviary 
A while back we looked into the merits of metal cocktail straws, which are popping up in more high-end lounges. They keep the drinks cold and look fancy, but some drinkers don't like them because they can hurt your teeth, and users questioned whether they can be sufficiently sterilized for reuse. Well, whether you like them or not, keep in mind they are not freebies. One user who recently visited Chicago's The Aviary writes in with the following:

"I just went to a bar in Chicago called Aviary where everyone at my table was given a plastic straw except for me. I asked the waiter if I could have a straw. I didn't realize that I was interrupting his descriptions of the drinks we had ordered. He slightly politely told me that when he was finished he would bring me a straw. A few minutes later another waiter "presented" me with a metal straw which was on a white linen napkin on a platter.

Thought it was strange that I was the only one getting this metal straw; it was unique and being the 'thief' that I am, when I finished my drink I put it in my purse. Little did I know they have cameras on the ceiling and I got caught. Another waiter came up to me and asked if he could have the metal straw back. So patrons beware!! Don't try to steal the metal straw!"

Next thing you know, bars will start installing metal detectors to catch folks as they walk out the door!


  1. They have metal straws at this gas station I go to. And I live in Nebraska.

  2. Are we supposed to empathize with the asshole trying to steal a straw?

    1. I thought it was kind of funny. I didn't think she was as asshole.
      Sounded to me like the waiter was giving her something special just for her.
      I probably would have wanted to take it home, too, just to remember the night.
      What do say girls ???