8/24/2012 02:15:00 PM

Cafecito Organico Opens In the OC This Weekend

The Cafecito Organico takeover is at hand. Just a few weeks after the growing coffee giant opened a shop in Malibu, the newest located bows tomorrow (Aug. 25) at The Lab in Costa Mesa. Co-owner Angel Orozco recently told Food GPS how a new partnership with BUILT designer John Sofio will take the company to a new level. "John has a sense of design that we were missing that will allow us to manifest our brand beyond coffee alone while keeping to our roots," he says. "We expect John to incorporate that farmers’ market experience that is at our origins into the design of our future stores."

We're very grateful for the baristas who hand us our cold brew with a smile every Sunday morning at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and if Orozco and Co. can translate that to every location planned - sights are next set on Anaheim, Downtown LA, Echo Park, Venice, Pasadena and Torrance - bravo.


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