8/23/2012 05:14:00 PM

Bogie's Place, Part of JM Curley, Set to Open October 1

The bar at JM Curley in Downtown Crossing. 
JM Curley - the classy American watering hole in Downtown Crossing - is getting an alter ego: Bogie’s Place, a 1920’s-style steak joint housed within JM Curley. The opening is set for October 1, 2012 according to owner Babak Bina, who also owns and operates Bin 26 Enoteca and Lala Rokh.

The 22-seat “hidden” dining room (go back along the bar and hang a left) will be a finer-dining venue without the eye-opening prices, for the most part. Velvet burgundy fabric will cover the walls, and espresso-colored banquettes will be the primary seating. There will be large Bordeaux glasses for wine, and the tabletops will be made from 200-year-old timber found in the original JM Curley renovations.

A maroon carpet will add to the plushness of the space and help subdue sound. Even the steak knives will have more heft - all in contrast to the brick wall and hardwood floor casualness of the main restaurant. Even the music will be different. "You'll totally feel you've gone to a different place," says Bina.

The menu will focus on classic steaks made from humanely raised beef and small plates. JM Curley and Bogie’s menus will not be interchangeable.

Though Bogie’s address is 25 Temple Pl., there is no actual designated entrance, confirms Bina. Instead, there’s an old torch light outside with 25 on it. “It’s quite against the grain,” says Bina. “You want to make it easy for people to find you…That will add to the allure, and the mystique.”


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