8/16/2012 02:15:00 PM

Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Boozy Pop at Bar 1886

This looks like an innocent bottle of soda pop, but it's actually the Southern Belle Whistle from 1886 Bar at The Raymond in Pasadena. It's a bubbly concoction of bourbon, yellow peaches and black tea, and it is smooth. And incredibly delicious. And wonderful on the new patio, which was empty while the bar was packed, so we could chat while watching the beautiful sunset through the trees. Ah, summer. The best part: For a busy mixology bar, this is one of the best drinks to order. All the bartenders have to do is pop the top and hand you a straw. The barman told us they plan on having some kind of boozy pop all of the time, but the flavors will change seasonally. We want to try them all.


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