8/20/2012 03:04:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Semi Sweet Bakery's Dingalings

The best part about the LA Craft Beer Crawl this past weekend wasn't the copious amounts of great beer we sampled, or walking the streets of Downtown LA between the 213 Nightlife (Cedd Moses) bars, or even the Geulagetza chicken tamales we scored along the route - although those were all definite highlights, a delicious blast. No, it was when we noticed Semi Sweet Bakery still open with an array of treats available.

Hungry or not, there are two things we will always ALWAYS get at this bakery, which shares the same doorway as Las Perlas: A chocolate peanut butter crunch Dingaling, and the triple chip (chocolate, butterscotch, potato) cookie. Pastry chef Sharlena Fong, who made the Nickel Diner maple bacon donut famous, makes those little cakes in a variety of flavors, but give us peanut butter-chocolate anything, and we'll buckle. And that cookie is simply genius. Making "hands off my Dingaling" jokes for at least 30 minutes after: priceless.


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