8/23/2012 03:28:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Week in DC: Salmon With Cucumber at Blue Duck Tavern

Crispy Salmon At Blue Duck Tavern
Blue Duck Tavern’s elegant rusticity backdrops its farm-to-table American fare, much of it prepared on the wood burning stoves in its open kitchen. But since it was a pleasant summer evening, we chose to sit in its lovely secluded courtyard, where a cascading fountain mutes the sounds of West End traffic.  Our table was nestled against its herb garden and we could almost smell the rosemary.

Salmon with cucumber is a classic preparation, but careful sourcing, clever saucing and spot-on cooking distinguishes chef Sebastien Archambault’s version called “Crispy Skin Salmon, Cucumber, Hearts of Palm, Smoked Roe, Sorrel Cream." The ├╝ber-fresh, luscious salmon plays against the contrasting textures of the crunchy skin, the match-thin vegetable shards and the delicious “pop” of the smoked salmon roe. A delicate sauce, with just an edge of lemony sorrel, weaves the elements together.

Since it was August, we couldn’t resist the starter of heirloom tomatoes, aged goat cheese and crunchy crostini. While the seasonal tomato dish won’t be around much longer, we’re looking forward to enjoying the salmon dish again.

1201 24th ST. NW; 202-419-6755


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