8/08/2012 02:57:00 PM

Beavers Donuts Food Truck Takes the Fight to Evanston

The duo behind Beavers Donuts Food Truck have been rolling around Chicago and the suburbs since they started selling coffee and donuts from their mobile eatery earlier this year. Even though their truck has proved popular, they haven't been able to setup shop in Evanstown, and now the operators are going to do something about it. That town's code states that food trucks can only be operated by owners of brick-and-mortar establishments within city limits, effectively squashing competition from interlopers like Beaver.

Yesterday a lawsuit was filed in the Cook County Circuit Court, looking to do away with this statute. This comes after Chicago proper passed an ordinance that created a lot of controversy within the food truck community. Who knew mobile eateries would be so controversial - we don't know about you, but all we want is a donut. Read about the lawsuit here.


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