8/03/2012 01:55:00 PM

Alfresco Alert: Check Out Quartino Ristorante's Two-Story Patio

Well, we know where we're drinking this weekend. Last week, Quartino Ristorante and Wine Bar officially opened its new outdoor patio - the two level spread has room for a total of 80 patrons. There's 40 seats on the lower level in a new enclosed area with windows looking onto the street and two flat-screen TVs that we expect to be tuned to the Olympics this weekend. The second floor gets you above the hustle and bustle of State Street and is a better option if you're looking to have a quiet conversation outside any glare from the tube. If that is your plan, put those phones down already and order up a glass of dry rose from Montepuliciano. Heck, why not have a bottle.


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