8/30/2012 04:18:00 PM

Alection Brews: Who's More Palatable? Obama or Mitt?

On the final day of the Republican Convention, we thought we’d check in on the electorates to see who was ahead in the presidential polls: Obama or Romney. Not in the general election, however; we’re talking about the Alection, the second-ever brew face off run by Half Moon Bay Brewing Company that pits the red-labeled Romney Ale plastered with Romney’s visage against the blue-labeled Obama Ale bottle and asks the drinking public to weigh in. Unlike in the real election, where the agendas of the competing parties have striking differences, the dual-labeled commemorative beer bottles contain the same Pillar Point Ale, so results reflect more of their customer’s political tastes than culinary tastes. So what says the people?
According to the Inside Scoop, the Obama brew is crushing the Romney ale at a rate of 11-to-one.  (Although for full disclosure, the Obama Ale has been around since the beginning of the primary season, so he may be benefitting from some incumbency status.) Wanna have your vote heard? Drink early and often at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s brewpub and fill out your own ballot. The Alection Ales are also available individually on-site ($4.50/22 oz. bottle) and select Bay Area retailers such as City Beer Store in San Francisco, The Willow Market in Menlo Park and Norm’s Market in Pescadero.

In addition, the Brewing Company tells us that it has just shipped 50 cases of the Obama Ale to Charlotte, NC for Democratic National Convention festivities. If you really want to show your civic pride, influencers can create their own “SuperPACK” of four Alection or other Mavericks® Beers & Ales bottles of their choice for $18. The SuperPACK comes with a set of four collectable Alection coasters. Final results for the 2012 alection will be posted on election day on the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s website.

It should be noted that in the 2008 Alection, the fresh-faced Obama Ale beat the McCain Ale by a margin of four-to-one, which was a harbinger of the eventual real-life results.


  1. I found the Mitt version to be a bit flat ;P

  2. Obama's promises great taste and free health care but cost 2 billion dollars a bottle.

    Romney's doesn't exist because he's a Mormon and doesn't approve of beer.