8/31/2012 01:31:00 PM

A Feat of Eats: Photos of 16 Courses at Moto

Chef Richie Farina makes nitrogen ice cream at Moto
Last night, we hit up a Zagat Presents at Moto (sponsored by MasterCard’s Priceless Chicago). Calling this meal anything less than a marathon would not being doing it justice. It challenged us physically and mentally with five hours of creative plates that contained deconstructed food and complex flavors with presentation. We left not only full, but also utterly exhausted. It was an awesome time, but wish we had stretched first.

Diners know that dinner at this restaurant is not to be taken lightly. The 16-course molecular-gastronomy-driven menu engages all of the senses. Chef/owner Homaro Canto and chef de cuisine Richie Farina are doing things with food seen nowhere else in Chicago. Don't believe us? We captured the culinary adventure on film - take a look at the slideshow below.

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  1. how can i get a Copy of the 16 course CD to shoe with the M Berry pill I Bought for my Chef Meeting Thanks Chef Willie L Lewis I Met Chef Chris Jones In Florida at the ACF National Convention in july

    Willie L Lewis AAC, CEC
    Chairman of the Board of the ACF PCASJ Chapter
    One Gull Cove
    Brigantine NJ 08203