8/06/2012 05:16:00 PM

15,000 Lobster Corndogs Later, Lollapalooza Concludes With Full Fans

The food may be gourmet, but the seating is curbside.
Jack White shredded on the guitar and Florence poured her soul into a microphone, but who was responsible for the 270,000 stomachs at Lollapalooza?

Graham Elliot, of course, and his posse of stellar chefs who brought gourmet eats to the three-day music festival. If one of the official T-shirts wasn’t an indication that there is much more to Lolla weekend than amazing artists (the shirt featured a box of take-out noodles with a dragon emerging from the middle), the selection of edible offerings divided between Chow Town north and south proved that Grant Park can be a destination for food and music lovers to peacefully co-habitate.

We spent the weekend watching what was on people’s plates - we listened to some music too - and the theme of the hot and rainy festival was fast-casual and cooling eats. Hot dogs and hamburgers were popular options for concertgoers running from act to act on the eight stages. Ice cream, snow cones and boxed water were downed on Friday and Saturday when temperatures stayed strong around 90 degrees - before the monsoon-like downpour that caused the festival to temporarily shut down.

For those who survived Loll-apocalypse there were delicious spoils to be had. Check out the slideshow of tasty food pics.


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