8/27/2012 05:02:00 PM

10 Must-Try Burgers in Chicago

This tried-and-true menu item is back for round two. A few months ago we brought you some meaty must-try options, and you ate them up, literally. So we’ve continued our search, cast a wider net and doubled our list of noteworthy burgers in Chicago. There are plenty of offerings around town, and we couldn't include all of them. Is a round-three patty search in the works? Perhaps - so while you sink your teeth into these awesome options, be sure to let us know which new burgers we should try in the comments.


  1. Kobe beef is illegal in the US, you got ripped off, LOL

  2. Replies
    1. The sale of it is illegal, because the USDA has concerns about foot-and-mouth disease that was found in 2010 in some Japanese cattle.

    2. Wrong. It was mad cow disease.

  3. Despite many American beef products being labeled Kobe, authentic Japanese Kobe beef is not available for sale anywhere outside Japan, with the exception of Macau and Hong Kong. Kobe beef in Japan is a registered trademark of the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association

  4. For all you vegetarians out there, you have to try the Veggie Burger at Duke's Alehouse and Kitchen at 110 N. Main St. Crystal Lake, Il..Best Veggie Burger around town by far.

    VEGGIE BURGER (Vegetarian)
    The Duke’s own blend of oatmeal, brown rice, pinto beans, sweet potatoes, jalapeƱos, and spices hand-packed and served grilled on an artisan pretzel roll with chipotle mayonnaise on the side..
    Be sure to add the Sweet Potato Fries - to die for.

  5. Paradise Pup on Des Plaines is best hamburger in the US. Period.